Система BLOCK Surgical

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Vstup zde
  • Wall systems and covings
  • Structural system
  • Upper module
  • Middle module
  • Bottom module
  • Aluminium covings and accessories
  • Graphic panels
  • Metal panels
  • Glass panels
  • HPL panels (high-pressure laminate)
  • Acrovyn Imagine
  • Flooring including covings
  • Floor covering made from homogenous PVC strips
  • Poured floors / antistatic poured floors
  • Doors and door framing
  • F Hinged door
  • Automatic sliding doors – standard
  • Automatic sliding doors – tight
  • Suspended ceilings
  • Forclean lightweight metal suspended ceiling
  • Modular suspended ceiling
  • Atypical ceiling panels
  • Lighting equipment
  • Forclean LED snap-on light for lightweight metal suspended ceilings
  • Filtration adapters
  • Purofil filtration adapter for lightweight metal suspended ceilings
  • Filtration vent-grilles for operating theatres
  • HVAC adapters and grilles
  • HVAC adapter for lightweight metal suspended ceilings
  • HVAC grilles
  • Medical Furnishings
  • Accessories
  • “No entry” lamp
  • Contactless switch


Modular system for built-in operating theatres.

  • The system is based on horizontal panel segmentation in three lines. The system allows the removal of the middle and bottom lines and a simple integration of technology, cabinets and other elements whenever the need arises.

  • The system meets the high requirements of hygiene, easy cleaning and disinfection.  

  • The system offers broad combinations and varieties of colours and materials.


Application in all types of operating theatres

  • Septic, aseptic and super aseptic operating theatres.
  • Hybrid operating theatres (angiographic operating theatres, modular built-in facilities with suspended CT scan).

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