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Cayman Pharma s.r.o., Czech Republic, 2022

Reconstruction of API Production
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Operating Theatres Reconstruction, AGEL Přerov Hospital, 2021

The work subject was the reconstruction of operating theatres No. 1 – 5 in the Operating Theatre Pavilion and No. 6 in the Mother and Baby Pavilion.
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LLC “Generium-Next”, Russia, 2021

Reconstruction of the blood plasma fractionation plant, Object No. 5, LLC “Generium-Next”
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Synthon, s.r.o., Czech Republic, 2021

Laboratories for Synthon Blansko: Analytic Operation Bulding
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Rehabilitation Hospital of Beroun, Czech Republic, 2021

Implementation of the work in the scope of "Construction of clean spaces, Air-conditioning, Measurement and regulation, Cooling, Heating, Health technology and Medical furniture, Video management" professions.
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ALS Czech Republic, s.r.o., 2021

A New Laboratory and Supplies of Fume Hoods
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NOVAVAX CZ a.s., Czech Republic, 2020

Reconstruction of premises for production of inactivated polio vaccine. BSL3 laboratories.
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Praha Vaccines a.s., NOVAVAX CZ a.s., Czech Republic, 2020

COVID-19 Vaccine Production. BLOCK was the EPC Contractor.
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Canonpharma, Russian federation, 2020

Pharmaceutical production.
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